The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary. 

- Sam Walton

Leanne Ashley Keeler  recommends Alliance Inspection Services.

January 15 · 

Steve and Marshall did a great job! Their work was very thorough and informative. I very much appreciated the time they spent to make sure all issues were understood and also took the time to explain what it may take to resolve such issues. Thank you!! I would use Alliance again and recommend them.

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Garrett Fine

Garrett Fine

*****10 weeks ago 5 STAR

This is the 3rd home the Mears team has inspected for me. They have done a fantastic job in all 3 inspections! The reports are thorough with great photos so it is easy to understand and communicate any items found. They are prompt, friendly, and professional. Highly recommended!

Tiffany Seehar

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Tiffany Seehar  recommends Alliance Inspection Services.

October 15, 2018 · 

These people are amazing. They care and have integrity. This was apparent from the first time I talked to Bridget. There was "another guy" who was available before they were, but I chose to wait for them because of Bridget's warm personality. Let me tell you... they were worth the wait!!!

Dora Schweik

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Dora Schweik reviewed Alliance Inspection Services — 5 star

October 15, 2018 · 

We were from out of state buying a property to spend the winter months with family in the area. We could have easily been taken advantage of. Steve and Bridget were the most helpful people we have ever dealt with in a home inspection service (and we have worked with several) They are, hands down, the best in the business. We thank them for all of their efforts.They protected us in this process and went above and beyond to help us. We are truly grateful.

Brett Jones

Brett Jones  recommends Alliance Inspection Services.

October 30, 2018 · 

They are amazing!! Not only have I recommended them to all of my real estate clients, but I also used them for my own home. Their reports are very easy to understand and they are super thorough. Their prices can’t be beat!! Thank you Alliance for making my job much easier!!

Holly Meier

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Holly Meier reviewed Alliance Inspection Services — 5 star

May 10, 2018 · 

WOW! What an amazing experience we had with Alliance Inspection Services. From the moment I called and spoke directly to a PERSON, to the reminder text I received, and then the thorough inspection we received. They inspected anything and everything to assure that our Family could move in to a safe and ready home.I love supporting local businesses, and being a Family run business means the world to us. Not only that, but they are huge supporters to our Military Families. Our family received Exceptional service from Alliance and we have decided to keep our Home Warranty with them as well for continued support, and we could not turn down the incredible offer that Alliance has for Home Warranty and the overall service with moving in to your home and making things as easy as possible. Thank You so much for everything and I absolutely will recommend your Team to other friends and Military Families moving into the area!

Donna Taylor

I firmly believe that Steve and Bridget Mears are the most thorough home inspectors I know. I even had them inspect my personal home. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a honest, dependable and licensed inspector.

Ralph Buck

Steve and Bridget arrived early and got right to work. They were efficient and only missed two items on their inspection (a roof truss brace was damaged, and concrete was crumbling at the front entry). They answered questions during the inspection and were pleasant to work with.

Christine Barsuhn

Steve and Bridget did such a good job on our Home inspection. They were very thorough and answered any questions we had, especially when I asked them to explain what something was and what it did. Being a first time home buyer we were a little unsure about what would happen. Steve and Bridget put our worries to ease. If you want a competent, professional inspection agency then give Alliance Inspection Services a call!

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