Welcome to the simple warranty.

The Simple Warranty by Residential Warranty Services represents the broadest coverage available in the market today. All options are included, no known preexisting conditions and we offer a best coverage guarantee. 

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Why Choose a Warranty from

Residential Warranty Services, INC.?

By offering a home warranty with every transaction, you are providing a proven marketing tool that can contribute to a safe and successful sale in many ways: Some home warranties suggest that homes with warranties “sell 50% faster” and for “up to 3% more,” because buyers feel they have made a safer investment. While we here at Residential Warranty Services find these numbers to be on the high side, we know from experience that a home warranty can reduce liability for problems with the home that occur after the sale. We also offer marketing materials to every real estate professional who works with us to help show homeowners the benefit of working with you.

Order your warranty here and get an extra 6 months of coverage for getting an inspection with Alliance Inspection Services, LLC. 

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